Friday, October 19, 2012

Been a Long Time, Sports Fans...

After all this time, after all this talk, I've finally done it. I got the capture card necessary and have mustered up the confidence to start posting content on my YouTube channel. While it'll still be a while before the official launch of the Salty Runback Review, I will be ensuring regular content uploads in the form of Quick Takes (short clips from various games showing off combos and other such nonsense) and full playthroughs of various games.

Tonight, I've uploaded Episode 1 of "Friday Night Fisticuffs." Tonight's initial episode features a playthrough of Street Fighter x Tekken and while I make no claims at be a tournament-caliber player, I can definitely bring the action to the screen.

With that stated, feel free to look me up at BlazingAceNelson and also, I'd appreciate it if you'd subscribe, as well. I'm just getting off the ground with this, and I can use all the support I can get.

Stay Tough and Game Hard!
~Blazing Ace Nelson

Monday, September 17, 2012

Choice Words: Not-So-Righteous Indignation

I only have one question for the African-American Christian "leaders" who are encouraging their parishioners to stay home November 6...

Is THIS what the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rep. John Lewis caught all those ass-whuupin's for?!?!?!?!?!?

Now, it's been known for quite a while that even without the prodding and chicanery from the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) and that group's disgraceful re-tooling of the Southern Strategy that the black Christian community has a reputation for being pretty homophobic. It's common knowledge that black religious leaders are largely against same-sex marriage. So, when earlier this year, President Barack Obama's opinion had finally "evolved" to the point where he could come out in support for same-sex marriage, it comes as no surprise that numerous black Christian leaders were flummoxed because their bigotry wouldn't allow them to let their own opinions evolve as our President's opinion has.

Now, to find, as the Associated Press has reported yesterday (16 Sept., 2012) that there are African-American Christian leaders planning to tell their congregations to sit out possibly the most important election in a generation...this is just plain insulting and infuriating to the point where I'm beyond rage.

Those that marched for the civil rights of black Americans in this country have risked their well-being and, in point of fact, their very LIVES in the pursuit of securing a black persons' right to be represented in our national dialogue. The right to be respected equally under the protection of the law and allowed the opportunity to chase one's own goals without the threat, most notably in the case of Emmett Till, of being literally hung from the tree of bigotry and racism. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 secured African-Americans the freedom to take part in shaping the destiny of the country they call home. It is, in part, the catalyst that lead to the eventual nomination of the nations' first African-American president.

However, there are now African-American Christian leaders suggesting that their congregations not vote this coming election. Why, you ask? Why would any self-respecting black leader spit on the legacy and efforts of their predecessors?

Because one candidate is a Mormon...and the other supports the right of same-sex couples to legally marry.

It's bad enough that religion is a factor. Let's be honest, here. I have plenty of problems with Mitt Romney (the Mormon) and his religion itself is not among them. Of course, I generally have a problem with spoiled, sanctimonious hypocrites that have a spine that doubles as a socio-political weather vane. I most certainly have a problem with ANYONE that would use their own spiritual beliefs as a weapon to persecute people they see as "other" or "less than human."

However, to tell your followers not to vote for President Obama simply because he supports same-sex marriage? If that's your course of action as a leader, then you have proven yourself to be a darker-skinned Mitt Romney. In a year where between the two major national political parties, one of them is working day-in and day-out to CIRCUMVENT the Voting Rights Act and disenfranchise ethnic minorities across the country, there are those that will "go fishing" on November 6 simply because they want to continue to oppress ANOTHER minority!

Dwight McKissic, I'm looking at you.

Jesus of Nazareth has done enough weeping, apparently. It seems time, now, for the late Martin Luther King Jr. to shed some tears from the hereafter.

While Dr. King weeps, THIS black man will vote to honor his legacy and make that small step to uphold it. Woe betide ANY so-called "leader" that would purport to bar my path or try to persuade me otherwise.

If there is one African-American religious leader that has his head on straight, it is the Rev. Dr. William Barber. These choice words from him will hold a place in the core of my being:

"If we ever needed to vote, we need to vote RIGHT NOW."

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Choice Words: Understanding... My Ass

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had recently wrapped up a sweeping speech that he had given at an annual meeting of the NAACP today. As usual, his speech was nearly a half-hour of bumping his gums together with nothing of substance to show for it. What's worse is that he's actually getting credit for "showing up" at this annual meeting to begin with. Of course, one of the people giving him credit is Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) a.k.a the Non-Allen West black GOP congressman. So, I can't really lend that any sort of credence.

Anyway, back to the speech. As one could expect, Romney tried to mix rhetoric about "repealing Obamacare" with his usual pandering tailored to whatever crowd is before him at the moment. Of course, using Obamacare as a derisive term for the ACA got much deserved booing from the attendees. Even more booing came when he had the nerve to try and say that he, in essence, knows just what the Black community needs. However, what truly leaves me gobsmacked, if not downright offended (generally a difficult proposition), is this...



You're serious, right?

You're telling a predominantly black audience that you've already gotten booed by *TWICE* that if they "understood what was truly in your heart" that they'd give you their vote. You're saying this to the gathered members of the NAACP and, by extension some would say, the black American population of the United States. You really want to try and tell us that "if it were possible to communicate" what you, of all people, think is "in the real, enduring best interest of African-American families" then you'd have our vote locked in for sure. Is that it?

You're effectively telling the black community that you know what's best for us and our families better than we do, and frankly, I think you're absolutely full of it. Had I been in attendance at the meeting, I would say this directly to your face. Hell, if I were to ever see you in person, I would tell you just how full of USDA Grade A 100% bullshit you really are.

How dare you. How. Fucking. Dare. You.

You are effectively reviving the rhetoric spouted by plantation owners and slave traders back before the Civil War. You're basically saying the black population of America that we're too damn stupid and uninformed/uneducated to know what's going on in our own lives and communities to know what WE need in order to solve or at least alleviate that which plagues us. Only, you're not saying it in those terms because you, Willard Romney, are too much of a coward to take a real firm stand on anything. You are not a simple coward, though. You're a pathological coward and outright liar.

You have proven incapable of taking a firm stance on naught else but the fact that you made billions and believe that this sole fact entitles you to lead the country back from the economic abyss that President Obama is hard at work already digging us out of. Your methods and your track record up to this point are completely antithetical to the core of this country's prosperity. Vulture capitalism, outsourcing jobs to foreign countries and turning a profit from it.

It's impossible for you to communicate your supposed ideals because you have show the people that you have NONE. You're a social chameleon. A serial panderer and career politician with rhetoric as your only recourse. You'd be a joke if not for the fact that by virtue of the money pouring in from right wing scare-mongerers, you may actually have a shot at the White House.

As per my own personal ethical code, I won't presume that I speak for anyone other than myself. I do think, though, that what the American people need no matter their skin color does NOT include Willard Romney. As far as I'm concerned, President Obama has my vote. You, Romney, can go to hell.

~Danger Combo 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Long time, no post...

Good grief! Have I been outta the loop, or what? Well, here's what's goin' on with good ol' DC12: The recent purchase of a video capture module for game footage now means that the final lynchpin in the plan for the next evolution of DangerCombo 2012 is in place. Now, in addition to typing up more game reviews and returning to sociopolitical commentary, we'll actually be getting... wait for it... VIDEO!!!

Yeah, I know, big freaking whoop, right? Well, for those of you that are still reading and have been sticking with me through my infrequent postings, this is a chance for me to really bring more fresh content and to simply communicate with you my erstwhile friends and readers. So, that's the update, in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to getting down to business and bringing you all the best that I can bring to the table.

Thanks again for your patience, everyone.

~Game hard, work harder

Danger Combo 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Playin' A Little Catch Up

What's up, everybody? All two of you reading this... This week's been pretty stinkin' busy, what with helping out my fellow Bellinghamster, That Bastard, with a few things as well as prepping for this weeks Wednesday Night Whuppins at the BHam Tilt. However, I have also been prepping to post up some new content as far as my offerings here at DC12. So, in the coming weeks I will be introducing what I have tentatively titled the Salty Runback Review.

Here, I'll actually be getting into posting podcasts where I not only review and analyze, but also give my own personal take on various video games I've played and owned, ranging from forgotten Dreamcast gems like Plasma Sword and Maken X to PS2 classics like Rogue Galaxy and Crimson Tears. I'll even include a few current-gen tidbits from my PS3 library. If you've already heard me on The Hooliganz then you've got a good idea as to my reviewing style. So, the format may be nothing new, but I think the content will be something of a treat.

So, with that stated, stay tuned because...

I'm Gonna Take You for A Ride
~Danger Combo 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choice Words: Hypocrites Who Claim to be Gamers

Ethnicity doesn't matter. Gender, ideally is not a factor. Format, whether it be pen-and-paper or PS3, there's only one thing that is at the heart of the matter. Being a gamer is about having fun, solo or with a crowd of thousands. It's about having fun, it's about taking the hype and sharing it with others. Hell, games are ideally designed for that very purpose, I would think. Right? Console games, in particular. No matter what game it is... Could be GodHand, could be Soul Calibur 5, could be freaking Bratz, for all I care. No matter the game, units generally sell for one of two reasons: Marketing the Hype and Fun Factor. I may hate on SC5, which I most certainly do, but there's SOMEONE out there that is having fun with the game, and I won't hold that against anyone. It ain't my thing, but someone else likes the game. That's just the law of averages.

To get even more specific, I want to touch on console exclusive video games. Now, I honestly have no problem with games that are exclusive to certain consoles like the Wii, PS3 or XBox360. I mean, a good roster of exclusive games can really determine the outcome of deciding which system to buy. For example, the PlayStation 3 has exclusive titles like Metal Gear Solid and God of War. The XBox 360 has the Halo and Gears of War series. X360 is also the exclusive console of choice, at least Stateside, for two incredible RPGs: Tales of Vesperia and Magna Carta 2. For the Nintendo Wii, you have games like Metroid Prime, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Samurai Warriors 3 and (most recently, released today, in fact) Xenoblade Chronicles. It is with the later 3 games I list that I have one small gripe. That gripe being that these games are good, but I wish there were a chance of a cross-platform port.

In mentioning that one personal gripe I have while conversing with an acquaintance, I think I may have touched a nerve or something, because this dude almost lost his mind!

Now, I can understand loyalty and attachment to a particular game system that's been good to you as far as reliability and game releases. I can understand if one has the opinion that cross-platform ports may weaken the roster for the console of first release, thus weakening the sales and shelf-life of the console. Those points can be made pretty cogently. However, here's where I take not just issue, but where I take offense. This is a direct quote from him:

"Ports with extra goodies are a slap to the face of owners of the original and those who own the new release get this sense of over-entitlement..."

Wait. Excuse me? Like I mentioned earlier, I don't mind console attachment and loyalty. Yet you want to bitch at me about wishing that good games, good THIRD PARTY games could see the light of day on more than just the one system? Then you have the nerve to try and even tangentially call me and others like me over-entitled when we actually do get ports of games with additional content (i.e. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise) and have the opportunity to enjoy the game without having to shell out the extra money to buy the system for it? What makes this even worse is that no more than 30 minutes prior to this, the acquaintance in question was complaining about how expensive it was to rent a game ($2/night from RedBox) when I recommended renting Soul Calibur 5 before making the decision to buy, in order to simply determine if the drastic changes and omissions from the game were small potatoes compared to how much he could still enjoy it.

Bitching about the dirt cheap rental from RedBox, yet you expect people who don't own a Wii, like myself, but want to play your precious third party Wii-exclusive, like myself... To shell out between $100-150 plus the $60 cost of the game? That's hypocrisy of Republican proportions. Let me put it like this:

Games can still thrive as console-exclusives. However, not everyone in the console gaming public owns the same systems. There is no 100% market saturation for the PlayStation 3. Not for the X360 and most certainly not for the Wii. So, if a game from a third party developer (Capcom, Ubisoft, Aksys Games, etc) is exclusive to one console, the potential user base is drastically reduced if for no other reason than people do not want to spend more money on a system for which they will only play one or two games. Period. Full stop. It's a matter of accessibility. So to say that you want to deny me access to experiencing a decent game and call me over-entitled for wanting a good game to be shared all across the gaming market... Well, I have a few choice words for you.

You really aren't really a gamer, then are you? In fact, you're exactly what gives console/video gamers like myself a negative reputation. If someone wants a game you've got and they can't play it, take pride in the fact that you've got something good! Then, after your split-second of justifiable gloating, share the fun. That's what helps games get sold and what helps expose more gamers, current and potential, to what may be a damn fine product.

~ Nintendo-thumb 'til the Day I Die
Danger Combo 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Gamer's Soul

You know, I've been gaming for as long as I can remember. Born in '83, been playing the vidyuh since '85. From ColecoVision to Wonder Swan, Famicom/NES to X360. I have at least laid hands on every gaming system developed at least once in my life. However, there's always been something truly unique about the arcade scene. Or, as Zaid Tabani calls it in his documentary, Coin-Op Eulogy, "the world of Arcadia." The times I've spent in the arcade have not only stoked my love of video gaming and my passion for learning the intricacies of various games over the years, but they've even inspire my stories.

I've tried to find the way to sum up just the feeling of what it was like to be an old-school arcade rat back in the 90's and with the tournaments that the UFG hosts out here at the Bellis Fair Tilt arcade, I hope to bring back that feeling. The feeling that I'm sure that every gamer who has ever set foot in an arcade will remember, once you see... this.

I need not say any more, except... See you next fight.

-Stand strong, game hard
Danger Combo 2012